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Marimba Cloud is the most comprehensive Cloud-based Client management solution

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  • 3 Key modules - Asset management, Patch management, Security management
  • Quick setup of Marimba cloud
  • Usability and customization capabilities
Why do you need a new client management solution for 2017?
  • Save 70% through high level of automation
  • Support for a huge set of devices and platforms
  • Almost 100% availability to ensure that you are never out of business
  • 2017 level usability. No more boring dashboards that belonged to the 90s
  • Pay for what you use. Not for every feature that had been invented
  • Ready Security and compliance for 2017

"After consolidating and moving our entire infrastructure to Marimba, my team had better visibility and control and most importantly, we saw immediate cost savings." James LaMantia "

Director of IT Planning & Engineering at Verizon.

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