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endpoint management

Marimba Cloud offers a unified solution for a 360 degree view to support user-centric client management for a diverse set of devices. The Endpoint Management module empowers your administrator with a “single integrated console” to manage diverse devices across the landscape irrespective of your enterprise mobility strategy - BYOD, COPE, or COLD. With our emphasis on user-centric deployments, and our ability to support complex hierarchies of roles/responsibilities, Marimba excels at enabling next generation role-based workspaces.

asset management

Marimba Cloud provides for a smart approach to an easy, automated and comprehensive IT asset management within a single solution. Control all the devices, applications and user workspaces through a single, integrated intuitive system. The product integrates Asset Management and License Management to help you track usage, ensure compliance and optimize expenditure for all your hardware and software, manage service licenses and contracts across your landscapes.

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SECURITY management

Gain control over your environment, discover all devices and assets that connect to the network and secure your data via Endpoint security integrated with Systems Management. Marimba Security Management delivers layered endpoint protection which shields your data against multiple security and zero-day threats. Maintain a stable and secure user environment that is compliant with security standards like FDCC, SCAP. Leverage customization capabilities in the product to deliver more relevant security-related information that is compliant for your industry.

End User Management

Create a unified experience across incident management, application delivery, security updates and comprehensive IT service management. Marimba’s channel store is singularly capable of providing the “app store like” experience in a corporate environment. Peer approval, free versus paid application download, email based notifications and so much more.

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Change and Configuration Management

Enterprises face huge challenges in asset and license management, automated provisioning, desktop management, operating system deployment, secure endpoint management and patch management while managing the diversity of desktops, laptops, servers and mobile devices in their organizations. Marimba Cloud addresses these challenges while maintaining full transparency, multiple controls, peer reviews and tracking of progress.

PC Lifecycle Management

Marimba Cloud saves a significant portion of time and effort invested in image creation and management, system migration and deployment, ensuring the availability of simplified and secure internet connections, recovery of lost or corrupted files, as well as preparation for disposal. Products spans through the PC lifecycle stack across Operating System Management, asset tracking, real-time health monitoring, services like backup/recovery, and IT consolidation.

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Why our customers choose us

mobile Mobile Management

Give your users the mobile access they need while keeping things secure and protocols in place

price Pay-per-Use Pricing

Scale up, scale down and sidestep infrastructure overhead along the way.

data Asset Management

Data analytics that give you the eagle’s eye perspective you need to keep things efficient and cost-effective.

security Streamlined Security

Automated security processes that lighten the load on IT staff and maintain consistency and security across your network.

os management OS Management

Install, backup, restore… OS management via Marimba Cloud has the speed and efficiency for pain-free deployments every time.

green power Green Power

Tracking and managing power usage keeps your network green, and translates into more green in your pocket.

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